Room air scrubber solutions
Wastewater pond chemistry solutions

Odor and VOC Removal

Radox–23 has been highly successful in replacing ClO2 systems with technology that provides significant cost savings and unmatched removal of VOCs and Noxious Odors.

Radox–23 has proven not only successful in beef, pork, and poultry rendering but also in seafood by-product rendering facilities. In the most difficult applications, Radox–23 is recognized as the industry leader.

Impact on Biological Waste Treatment Ponds

Bleach and caustic are commonly used in air scrubbers as an oxidizing treatment. Because of their relatively low reactivity they are virtually ineffective for odor and VOC control, and their resulting by-product and intermediaries contain many undesirable compounds and carcinogens.

The commonly used ClO2 systems also have a poor record of effectiveness and high cost. Scrubber blow down, which is high in residual CIO2, in effect kills biological activity in the treatment ponds. Where bleach/caustic and ClO2 are used, scrubber blow down contributes significantly to sodium dumping.

In addition to being the most affordable system to use, and by far the most effective in odor and VOC control, Radox–23 contributes no known pollutants or residuals to either air or water.

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