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Dedicated to Helping Animal By-product Processors

Steen Research is a closely held private corporation dedicated to helping animal by-product processors utilize the most highly effective, economical, and environmentally sound air scrubber treatment chemistry that exists anywhere in the world.  We provide leading-edge chemical and engineering development services, honing in on creating solutions to problems that really matter to processors.

Innovative Steen Research products are designed specifically for use in air scrubbers.  Steen Research is an active participant in the rendering technology community, and for the last ten years (and in every kind of rendering operation), we have provided our customers with functionally superior products, unparalleled chemical economies, and environmentally proactive solutions in response to difficult animal by-product odor and VOC remediation problems. 

The Steen Research’s record of success in this industry, our processing insight, personalized service, and attention to detail result in the delivery of consistently outstanding customer satisfaction.

Steen Research earns business in three of the strongest ways:

  • As a SUPPLIER that is more than competitive in controlling plant chemical expenditures
  • As a PROVIDER of unmatched odor and VOC removal technology
  • As a PARTNER in protecting the environment

Steen Research is unique in offering end results which involve absolutely no production of air or water pollution residuals, from the start of abatement in air scrubbers, to the end point of plant biological waste treatment ponds.

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