United States Department of Agriculture–Agriculture Research Service, National Swine Research Information Center, USDA–ARS

Effect Of A Packed–Bed Scrubber Using Radox Catalyst on the Emission of Odors and Volatile Organic Compounds from a Commercial Poultry Rendering Plant, by James A. Zahn, Ph.D., and Jennifer Anhalt

Excerpt–"The Radox catalyst was shown to be significantly more effective than chlorine dioxide (CIO2) for reducing the concentration of malodorous VOC and total VOC emitted from poultry rendering. The Radox treatment reduced the total perceived odor intensity by 74±19% while the CIO2 treatment did not significantly alter the odor intensity."
Odor Control: Fenton Chemistry
Steen Research presentation at the October 2008 Poultry Protein and Fat Seminar

Fenton chemistry is the cleanest, most efficient oxidation technology known to man. Steen Research began deploying Fenton oxidizers in 2000. Learn about the benefits of a modified Radox Fenton chemistry, its practical product applications, and performance data.


















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